Altus Delivers

Federal Organization Partners


 We assist our Federal Organization Partners by coordinating with procurement and contracting personnel to:

  • Deliver results with many diverse contracting solutions and partners
  • Deliver value with the pathway for Small Business set-aside funding including:
    • Small Business
    • Veteran-Owned Small Business
    • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business  

Manufacturing & Service Partners


We assist our Manufacturing and Service Partners by providing knowledgeable process management and contract development based on the Federal purchasing process.

  • Deliver education to the service provider or manufacturer's relevant sales and administrative personnel regarding
    • The Federal contracting & procurement process
    • Federal Contracting Terminology
    • Communication techniques to have successful transactions

Financial & Contract Navigation


We add value as we evaluate the terms and conditions required to process information and ensure products are delivered for a successful service project or procurement.

  • Deliver properly structured contracts for ease of review and selection
  • Deliver access to Federal set-aside funding for products needed by the contracting organizations so they can ultimately better provide for their stakeholders.

Medical & Surgical Equipment Distribution and Procurement


  • Deliver specialty and best-in-class medical and surgical equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Medical equipment is any device that is used in the rendering of patient care. Typical examples of medical equipment are, EKG machines, Infusion pumps, Ultrasound machines, Anesthesia machines.

Information Technology Equipment Distribution and Procurement


  • Deliver a broad range of Information Technology Equipment (ITE). Typical examples of IT Equipment are servers, personal computers, office equipment, data storage devices, telecommunication equipment, display monitors, printers and various IT accessories.

Green Energy and Environmental Services


  • Deliver a range of environmental services for waste removal/disposal with unbiased contract partners to focus on specific environmental targets of our purchasing partners.
  • Deliver efficiency results through our green energy partners with a focus targeted at providing access to green energy consulting, design and equipment for the build out or retrofit of all types of structures. Institutions are constantly under pressure to improve building efficiency and demonstrate energy savings. For example, in 2015, legislation mandated federal buildings to achieve a 30 percent reduction in total energy use. Federal buildings will also be required to completely eliminate the use of fossil-fuels by 2030